About Tabzero

Tabzero is a free extension for the Google Chrome web browser created by Alexander Griffioen. It overrides the default ‘new tab’ page with an application designed to keep you informed and productive.


The year was 2005 and as a rookie web developer, I marveled at the possibilities of Windows XP's Active Desktop feature. Active Desktop, for you millennials out there, allowed Windows users to set any web page as their desktop wallpaper while maintaining its interactivity. It seemed like the perfect excuse for a pet project and so I set out to create a productivy widget designed to run as a wallpaper. The widget was an integrated to-do list and notepad, and I named it Wallnote.

With the demise of Active Desktop in Windows Vista, I pivoted the tool into a web service to be set as your default start page. I added a search bar similar to the one found in Tabzero today, along with some features for exporting your content. I also renamed it to Nutshell, for no good reason. The tool served roughly 4,000 users when I decided to sunset it in 2014 due to donations consistently falling short of expenses.

But I missed it.

Early 2019, in a new effort to explore some fancy web technologies*, I decided to reincarnate Nutshell as a Chrome extension that would replace Chrome’s standard new tab page. It is Nutshell reimagined, using the latest technologies. I also added RSS feeds so it’s impossible to miss the news you care about.

I hope you find Tabzero useful. If you do, please consider a donation to keep the lights on. Feedback and questions are welcome at alex.griffioen@gmail.com.

* For the techies out there: The Tabzero Chrome extension is powered by Vue.js. This website, as well as the RSS aggregation, are running on the Laravel PHP framework.